mood boosting pearl necklaces

that elevate your style

Are you looking for a quick and sustainable way to accessorise your everyday look?

pérl necklaces will elevate your most basic outfit in a snap of a second and make you feel your playful self even in a white t-shirt!

Why pérl?

Handmade Local Products

By supporting pérl you're supporting a small business community. You're encouraging slow fashion and healthier buying practices.

Unique/Limited Pieces

No more unnecessary waste! One-off and limited pieces mean a small stock and no overproduction.

Circular Fashion Service

Save money with pérl's Circular Fashion and keep your favourite necklace for years and years to come!


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pérl family

Great packaging experience. Love the human, aspirational yet approachable touch. And the idea of circular fashion. Finally, the product is very very cool. Not taking it off anymore.


First of all the necklace is absolutely superb, the pearls are perfectly strung and the quartz is divine! Being a gemologist by training, I'm delighted with my purchase!


They are beautiful!!!