Circular Fashion Service


 1. p é r l necklaces are strung on a 100 % German silk thread that is said to be stronger than steel! Yet if you use it regularly it's only natural that it will wear off with time. Restringing them yearly should be more than enough. That's why once a year you can send me back your p é r l necklace* and I'll restring it with a fresh thread at no fee!

2. Restringing includes also changing the hardware.

3. All shipping cost is covered by you****.



1. What happens if the necklace you bought last year doesn't fit your style anymore? What if you don't love it as much and you'd love to get a new one but it doesn't seem reasonable? This is where p é r l's redesigning service comes to help!

2. Send back your p é r l necklace*, dream about your new design**, and get it redesigned and restrung at a fixed price of 45 euro.

3. The redesigning process must include reusing at least half of the pearls/beads from the old p é r l necklace*. 

4. Price includes changing the hardware.

5. All shipping cost is covered by you****.



1. Do you have an old and outdated necklace (or any other piece of jewellery) that you would love to refresh and give a new vibe? Do you wish to pimp it up with pearls or maybe add some colourful elements? Then, the upcycling service is for you!

2. Send me the elements you want to reuse, think of your design** and get a brand new necklace***!

3. Pricing will be discussed upon.

4. All shipping cost is covered by you****.


For all three services above and in case of any extra questions please firstly send me an e-mail to to discuss all details. 

No Circular Fashion projects will be accepted (and started) unless agreed on all details firstly via e-mail. This is simply to avoid any misunderstandings and make the process smooth and creative for both of us :) 


* refers only to necklaces bought on and in not less than 12 months after the purchase. You can restring/redesign the same necklace once a year. Final design agreed on upfront.

** limited to available stock. Final design agreed up front.

*** The final design must include pearls. Whether provided by you or will be added to beads sent by you. It refers to elements you bought outside of Final design and price agreed on upfront.

**** Chosen at check out.


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