pérl mission

pérl’s mission is to offer you a modern classic jewellery piece that can fit into all your moods and aesthetics!
pérl is all about playful and colourful yet sustainable approach to accessorising that will make you feel your unique self even in a white t-shirt.
Let’s build together a creative collective that rewrites the rules of jewellery wearing!

Founding story

A fashion showroom in the centre of Paris. A showroom filled with thousands of embroidery swatches. Each of them covered with hundreds of beads, sequins and pearls. Many of them will soon become an inspiration to some of the top designers and fashion houses in Paris. But most of all, each of the A4 sized samples will soon become a unique story; that cherry on the cake that will turn people’s heads, make them smile or maybe cringe.A beaded snake on Lanvin's dress that was so adored by the celebrities, flower patches that brightened any Sonia Rykiel winter jumper or sophisticated crystals that enhanced Tom Ford’s elegant designs. What working at an embroidery company taught me is that that extra accessory can make a difference, define your personality, underline uniqueness, and question the status quo. Translating other people's imagination into a beaded design was a dream but something started bothering me in terms of luxury fashion. The deeper I was involved in it the more I needed some change. I slowly started digging into the local brands around me. And I found a lot! Original designs, fair prices, no crazy margins, no conglomerates behind, direct interaction with the creators, flexibility.Not only did it make sense but also gave soul to my clothes and accessories.And that's how the need ofp é r lcame to place. It is the result of sentiment for the pearls and beads, respect for the local market and belief that through personal style we can express who we are, break the conventions, have fun, feel special and cross the limits!

Ania Posluszny