What is Circular Fashion?

"It can be defined as clothes, shoes or accessories that are designed, sourced, produced and provided with the intention to be used and circulate responsibly and effectively in society for as long as possible in their most valuable form" Anna Brismar, Green Stategy

And with exactly that intention we'd like to introduce pérl's Circular Fashion concept that, hopefully, will motivate you not only to shop responsibly but also to shop with longevity in mind.

Our aim is not to sell yet another seasonal gadget that you'll forget in a few months and toss it away at the bottom of your jewellery box.

Our aim to give you a piece that you'll love, have fun with, and pair it with your coolest outfits. But most of all, a piece that will stay with you for as long as it's possible!

At the same time, we're aware that you might stop liking it as much as you used to or that it wears off because you love it that much. Or perhaps you'll simply grow out of the funky, colourful style...

That's why we're offering you three simple solutions to keep your 'pérls' as fresh as the waters they come from and as creative as your personality!

How does it work?


Once a year you can restring your pérl necklace at no fee!*


Once a year you can redesign your p é r l necklace at a fixed fee*


You can make a brand new necklace using beads or pearls from your old jewellery*

Circular Fashion service