How to care for pearls

how to care for pearls

Someone smart once said that "the pearl is at the heights of its perfection when taken from the shell; from that moment on it never improves; it is as complete and perfect in its way as the most beautiful work of art, and it is always a perfect, fully formed individual." 

Did you know that with just a little love and attention, you can maintain that perfection and, eventually, pass this gem onto the next generations!


So, how can you do that? 

1. Depending on the frequency with which you wear a pearl necklace, you should restring it once a year. It will prevent the thread from over-stretching and, as a consequence, breaking.

2. You should always store your pearls separately - in a cotton, velvet or even lace bag. Not only will it prevent them from scratching, but it will also make a whole experience even more unique!

3. Make sure to avoid chemicals and any other harmful substances like perfumes, hairsprays or even swimming pools.

Pearls are also sensitive to sunlight and sun overexposure - remove them when you're chilling at the beach, swimming pool or even under the shower. Sorry!

4. Clean it occasionally! A quick wipe with a soft fabric will remove the dust and add an extra shine and glow.

5. Check out pérl's Circular Fashion service to always keep your favourite necklace up to date, but most importantly, to prolong its precious life cycle.

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