Circular Fashion

Circular Fashion in jewellery

Why Circular Fashion?

Because small steps lead to big changes. And we all can and should be, part of those changes.

You already made your first step - you're supporting a local and independent fashion. And I was at that point too when I asked myself a question about how I could go even further and encourage better choices within my brand.

Then pérl's Circular Fashion service was born.

And to paraphrase Anna Brisman from Green Strategy, I wanted to create a product with intention to circulate responsibly and effectively in society for as long as possible.

What's more, working with pearls and getting to know their mineral structure, their life spin and rich history, made only logical that you can actually keep circulating this gem for years and years to come. 

Also, my aim is not to sell yet another seasonal gadget that you'll forget in a few months and toss it away at the bottom of your jewellery box.

I aim to give you a piece that you'll love, have fun with, pair it with your coolest outfits, and maybe pass it onto the next generation! Who knows?!


So now that you know the back story, let's look at the details.

pérl's Circular Fashion consists of three services:

1. Restringing - each pérl piece is strung using a traditional technique (dating to the beginning of the 20th century!) of silk threading. The silk thread is said to be stronger than steel, yet if you wear your necklace regularly it might wear off. And that's why once a year I will restring your pérl necklace at no fee! 

You'll be able to repeat this every single year and as a consequence keep your necklace forever brand new!

2. Redesigning - the second service allows you to make significant changes to your existing pérl necklace at a fixed price! Why buying a new piece (and spending extra money) when you can recycle what you already have? Just like restringing you'll be able to modify your favourite pérl annually.

3. Last but least - upcycling - this one requires some rummaging through your mom's jewellery case or even a visit to a vintage market. But it's fun and what a satisfaction, right? Then you can send your treasures to me, figure out your dream design and I'll repair it, modernise it and give it a new life!


So how does it feel knowing that from now moment on, you can keep your pearls as fresh as the waters they come from and as creative as your personality?

This concept is very close to my heart, and so I hope it will motivate you not only to shop responsibly but also to shop with longevity in mind.

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