Pearls - the most sustainable gems

Pearls - the most sustainable gems

Let me put it this way - if you want a clearer ocean, wear pearls!

And even though I'm obviously joking, let me prove to you that the more pearl oysters there are, the cleaner the waters and that the pearls are the most sustainable gems out there! 

sustainable pearls


1. Organic material

Pearls are organic and the only gems created by a living creature - a mollusc. 

What's more, the same mollusc produces more than one pearl and can reproduce multiple times, making it a renewable source of these miracles of nature.


2. Healthy eco-system

To be able to create a pearl, a mollusc must live in a healthy eco-system. It means that not only the waters they live in must be clean, but also their well-being depends on well developed marine life. 

As a consequence, and to maintain their business, the pearl farmers must assure the farming conditions are clean and up to standards. 


3. Water purification

Oysters and mussels can filter waters! Literally. 

Each mollusc cleans around 100 l of water every 24h, helping to improve the quality of the marine life around it.


4. Fishing restrictions

Oysters can survive only within an environment with healthy fish and coral reefs. As a result, many pearl farms restrict or forbid fishing to guarantee a balanced marine life.

What's more, oysters serve as a hiding spot for small fish. The last ones, on the other hand, feed off tiny organisms encrusted on mollusc shells.


5. Antibiotic-free

Oysters don't need any antibiotics to grow big and healthful. They only need their well-preserved and clean waters :)

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