Why pearls make the perfect gift?

Why pearls make the perfect gift?

Let's set some things straight.

Pearls don't need any art or trend to enhance their timeless beauty. 

They are not only the earliest gems known to a pre-historic man but are also  perfected with all their imperfections by nature. 

Yet, if those two sentences still haven't convinced you of their greatness, here are three other reasons why you should choose pearls for your next perfect gift!


1. Pearls are eternal

Cleopatra wore them to Mark Antony's fancy banquet; Pompey marched in his triumphal procession wearing a pearl crown, while Caesar forbade them to women under a certain social rank. You see, that's how far back in history pearls were cherished and appreciated. 

Then, let's not forget about Princess Diana, that gracefully started incorporating them into pop culture. And Harry Stiles. Harry Stiles too. 

These are just a few examples that let me guess that the special person in your life will love them as much.

Also, good the news is that pearls, if taken proper care of (it’s very simple, see how!) can last up to 150 years. 

That's why, when buying just one pearl necklace you actually cover next three generations! Crazy, right?


2. Pearls never go out of style

They are both a timeless touch to the most elegant outfits and a modern twist to the changing trends. 

These sea jewels can be worn at any age, to any occasion and with any attire. That's how versatile and refining they are.


3. Pearls fit all ages (and sexes!)

Would your mom wear a pretty lustrous pearl necklace to your sister's wedding? And you, would you wear it to a mimosa brunch with your girlfriends? I bet that even your boyfriend or cousin would be tempted to try them on (yes! guys and pearls are becoming a thing).

Only sky is the limit!


So if you feel that a pearl necklace might be a good gift idea, don't hesitate to browse through pérl's choice. I hope you'll find what you're looking for!


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