long cord and ceramic flower necklacelong cord and ceramic flower necklace
long cord necklace with flower charm

Mini Bobo

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Introducing Mini Bobo - a younger sister to our bestseller and your favourite Bobo necklace.

Mini Bobo might be smaller in size but it will make as much of a creative statement as its bigger version.

Pair it with a simple t-shirt or your favourite dress and you're ready to conquer the summer!

Size: 200 cm

Material: handmade ceramic flower, sterling silver 24k gold plated balls, polyester cord

Pearls and handmade elements come with colour, size and shape variations. Some might have small irregularities and imperfections. It is in their nature and what makes them special and unique!

Kindly allow small variations between each piece - they are handmade to order!

Out of stock? Drop me an email here and we'll find a solution!